Because living in pain is a choice, but doing something about it is a better one. Massage can help with that. 

About Us

Why We're Unique

Ashley assists her clients with pain relief by spending an exceptional amount of time on their focus areas, even if it takes the entire session. She  found that clients experience less headaches and migraines, less neck and back pain, and longer lasting relief with daily problem areas.

Why Choose Us

Because you deserve to have a therapist who actually listens and makes you top priority. 

First Time

Please complete your intake form online the day before your appointment. Also, save 10% just for trying TheraTouch! 

How can I enhance my massage?

Choose hands therapy with Muscle Aid Aromatherapy for tired or Arthritic hands. Try feet therapy with Rapid Relief Aromatherapy to treat aches and pains of the feet. Boost energy levels with Citrus Burst or calm the mind with Relax and LavVan aromatherapies. 

All therapies include hot towels.

Hands Therapy $10

Feet Therapy $15

Aromatherapy $8

What's the best way to share my experience?

Purchase an eGift card for a friend or that special someone. Give the perfect gift of massage to celebrate a birthday, promotion, graduation, or anniversary. And the best part? Take $10 off your next massage for each eGift card you purchase!

Am I rewarded for referrals?

Absolutely! Tell a friend, they book, you get $10 off your next massage. It's that simple. Want a greater discount? Tell more friends and take $10 off for each referral who books before your next session. It's possible to score a Complimentary Massage!

Massages Offered

Massages Offered

Massages Offered

Swedish Massage gives total relaxation and stress relief with light or firm pressure. Our featured Therapeutic Massage is exclusive to your problem areas to provide optimum pain relief.

Massage Club

Massages Offered

Massages Offered

Join the club! Get rewarded for taking care of your body on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with 60 minute sessions. Upgrade any session to a 90 minute for just $20 more! 

Must use packages within 30 days of purchase.

Massage Overload

Massages Offered

Massage Overload

Need longer sessions with more time to use them? Go big with 90 min. massage packages! Give your muscles the attention they deserve and more. Must use packages within 3-4 months of purchase. 

TheraTouch Massage

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